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Empower yourself from merely surviving to thriving.

This practical and high value workshop is designed to help busy professionals leverage their unique strengths to achieve more with less. You will leave feeling energised and empowered to amplify your unique impact at where you are. Forge new connections with a growth-minded community to journey with you throughout the year.

Date: 30 August 2024, Friday

Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Venue: The Executive Centre, 50 Raffles Place, Level 45

Limited to 14 spots.


This practical workshop is tailored for busy professionals who want to lead a more intentional and meaningful life and are committed to make 2024 a year of personal growth and impact.

This workshop will be especially relevant if you are serious about self-mastery and personal development.


1.Your Personalised Top 5 Strengths Report

After confirmation, you will be invited to take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment before the workshop where you will discover your unique talents and use them to fulfil your potential.

View sample report

2. In-Person Strengths Workshop (Half-Day)

Learn concrete strategies to leverage your strengths effectively in both your professional and personal life. Go from merely surviving to thriving by harnessing your natural strengths, enabling you to achieve more with less effort.

0900 hrs: Registration and Arrival

0915 - 1300hrs: Workshop Training

Refreshments will be provided.

Please arrive early as we will start on time at 9.00am sharp.

Key Learning outcomes:

  • Gain clarity on what you need to thrive based on your natural talents
  • Identify your blindspots that gets in the way of success
  • ⁠ Create your unique personal brand statement that articulates your strengths and value
  • Conduct a review of your life domains and prioritise a pivotal goal that will transform your wellbeing
  • ⁠ ⁠Develop an action plan that is aligned with your natural strengths

Note: It is necessary to have your Top 5 CliftonStrengths results before the workshop to fully benefit from the workshop.

3. One Group Accountability Session (Online)

Achieving success in applying newfound skills and knowledge often hinges on the strength of the support system one has.

As a follow-up of the workshop, join your group in a group coaching call as you journey towards mastering your own strengths together.

4.A unique opportunity to grow your network on an authentic level

The workshop is intentionally kept to a small group of 14 participants to facilitate greater impact and learning outcomes.

Expect forward-looking conversations and deeper connections with fellow participants in a relaxed and uplifting setting.

Feedback from past attendees:

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Shu Yi which focused on leveraging our innate strengths to create meaningful impact through our work. Shu Yi uses a data-driven methodology that genuinely facilitates professional & personal breakthroughs and fosters sustainable growth. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to unlock their full potential.

Clara Chong

Business Development Manager

Thank you so much Shu Yi for setting us all off on the right foot to thrive in this new year! You are truly inspiring and transforming lives with your work with The Strengths Co.!

Ivy Wong

Assistant Director

I feel super privileged to be part of this session. Not only was the session well-planned and thought through, the questions and discussions were enlightening too. Reminds me of the quote “without distinctions, one cannot see”.

I enjoyed the learnings and sharing which could only be surfaced with a well-organised event and a well-prepared facilitator. Would highly recommend! 👍

Elena Cheong

User Experience Lead

Feedback from past attendees:

I attended the Play to Your Strengths Workshop facilitated by Shu Yi and I loved it. It was eye-opening for me as I learned more about my top 5 strengths and how I can integrate them into my work. I loved the conversation and sharing between the participants as they gave me different perspectives on how their strengths have been playing out for them, and how sometimes a strength could also turn into an area of weakness.

Sheryn Yeo

Transition Coach

Shu Yi uses use cases and examples to share how we can apply our unique strengths and leverage on them, shares from her personal experiences and facilitates great cross-sharing so that we can all learn from each other as well. It's been a wonderfully refreshing experience where you'll get to meet like-minded individuals. Logistically, it was well-organised and the group size was cosy to allow for intimate and authentic sharing. 

Grace T.

Risk Assurance

Glad to have jumped onto the bandwagon when I saw Shu Yi hosting the Play to your Strengths half day course based on CliftonStrengths! It was a session I enjoyed immensely with no regrets. The course was interactive and well organized where I truly got to learn more about my unique strengths and how I could use it to the betterment of myself and the people around me.

Janice Yue

Technical Onboarding Specialist

Feedback from past attendees:

The best thing I ever did at this point in my life is meeting Shu Yi and attending her Play To Your Strengths session. The society we live in asks us to be a specialist rather than a generalist. Instead of focusing on improving my weakenesses, I am learning to let myself shine with my unique strength instead of trying to blend in with the clouds. My uniqueness is one a kind and Shu Yi helped me find that. I cannot wait to meet the best version of me!

Ahae Jeong

Employer Branding Lead

Today was the first time I understood the difference between Talents and Strengths. 

Imagine you see an ice berg. What’s being surfaced is just our Strengths, through application of our skills. The submerged is actually all our talents which sometimes we may miss out harnessing them! 

I must say this 4 hours workshop completely exceeded my expectations! 

Jaslyn Ng

Financial Services Director

We get to dive deeper into the meaning behind our strengths and how we can enhance them through thoughtful action.

One mind-blowing takeaway from this workshop is to lean into your strengths and work on enhancing them. One thing that energises me is learning from people, and I know why now. It is my innate curiosity and Intel strength at play.

Zing Loke

Sales Development Representative

Feedback from past attendees:

What sets Shu Yi apart is her genuine passion for helping others discover their strengths and unlock their full potential. I left her workshop feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive in my future. She also demonstrates great facilitation skills, fostering open communication and fostering a supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and collaboration.

Val Chua

UX Designer

The workshop's flow design, peer participants' interaction, outcome, and Shu Yi's excellent facilitation skills were all exceptional.

The session's key takeaways for me were: [1] gaining a deeper understanding of my strengths, [2] learning how my peers perceive my strengths, and [3] identifying the types of leaders and co-workers with whom I can work most effectively to maximize productivity and drive outcomes.

Anastasia Chen

Principal Analyst


Don't miss this valuable opportunity to attend a CliftonStrengths workshop, which is typically only available to organisations, for a tiny fraction of the price. This series is tailored for individuals and personal development.

The first 5 sign-ups will get a complimentary 45-min individual session to deep dive their strengths to their personal context.

*Ticket includes admission to half-day workshop,Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment (value $38), 2 exclusive personal insight reports on your strengths and participant guide provided during the workshop.

Refreshments will be provided.

About the Facilitator
Goh Shu Yi

Founder of The Strengths Co., Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

A facilitator and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Shu Yi specialises in unlocking individual and organizational performance through the lens of strengths. Shu Yi has experienced first-hand the power of leveraging strengths for work-life fulfilment and impact.

Prior to founding The Strengths Co. she grew a tech career in consulting and pre-sales in Accenture, Standard Chartered Bank and Salesforce, while navigating motherhood of 3 children. Drawing from over 15 years of corporate experience in consulting and pre-sales with some of the world’s largest MNCs, she brings diverse and practical perspectives to her clients and programs.

In 2022, she successfully launched Pantry Muse, a profitable F&B business from idea to launch within 2 months and got featured on Straits Times.

Now, her current work centers on nurturing strengths-oriented culture in the workplace to empower impactful careers. Her unique methodology combines personal strengths and values with professional goal-setting, ensuring a purpose-driven, productive, and fulfilling work/life rhythm.

As a Linkedin Top Community Voice of Personal Development, she regularly influences dialogue on personal development and growth.


Why is it important to set and work on goals with your strengths in mind?

Because far too often, we set goals that are intended to punish ourselves for "poor behaviour", for a talent we don't have or for an accomplishment we haven't achieved. When you set goals aligned with your strengths i.e innate talents that you seem to do better than anyone else, you are much more likely to be energised and inspired working for it and maximises your full potential. Watch your confidence grow through the year.

Is CliftonStrengths a personality test?

CliftonStrengths is a trait-based psychometric assessment that measures your unique talents – your natural ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving. With varied combinations of 34 talent themes, it seeks to provide an accurate depiction of what is right (strengths) in an individual. 

On the other hand, type-based personality assessments (e.g., MBTI or DISC) are used to identify a certain collection of characteristics that make up a broad, general personality classification.

While personality tests offer a broad classification, CliftonStrengths embraces the individual is unique. The chance that two people share the same Top 5 strengths in the same order is 1 in 33 million. All in all, the tool provides an accurate prediction of one’s thinking and feeling and is a useful deep-dive for self & social awareness.

As part of this workshop, you will receive a complimentary assessment to identify your unique Top 5 talents. View sample report here.

Do I need to take the strengths assessment before the workshop?

Yes, it is a pre-requisite to take the test as the exercises and activities will require you to reflect on your unique strengths.

How long will it take for me to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment?

It will take approximately 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete all 177 questions. Please ensure you are in quiet uninterrupted environment as the questions are timed, so that your natural responses are captured.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will be considered for medical emergencies and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please write in to hello@thestrengthsco.com with your medical condition.



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