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Companies Our Clients Work In

Companies Our Clients Work In

What Our Clients Say

Shu Yi is a highly effective coach, offering valuable insights with her well-prepared questions which bring deeper reflection. Our sessions leave me with a sense of curiosity and a refreshing boost of energy.

Her skill in group facilitation is equally noteworthy. She led a workshop that significantly improved our team's cohesion and understanding of one another, thanks to her thoughtful agenda and interactive workshop activities.

Overall, Shu Yi's ability to connect, her coaching acumen, and her superb handling of both individual and group sessions impress me that she can significantly improve both personal and team development. She's a real star!

Ian Douglas

Director of Solution Engineering, Salesforce Singapore

I had the privilege of working with Shu Yi, and I can confidently say that she is a true strengths coach. With remarkable clarity, she delved into each of my strengths, helping me understand their applications in my unique circumstances. Her ability to uncover whether I innately lead with my head or heart made all the difference. Every decision making was a breeze after.

What sets Shu Yi apart is her adaptable style, tailored to your specific needs in every session. Whether you seek guidance or direction, each interaction is filled with actionable insights that facilitate tangible progress. She has a remarkable way of bringing focus to the most challenging situations, making every step forward in life feel less like walking into a fog and more like unto a clear path.

Michelle Goh

Branch Division Director, ERA Singapore

Your workshop was a highlight for many of us. I'm so glad that we made the decision to go ahead to do this with you! Thank you!

Will definitely recommend you to any team (especially in tech), who are looking to harness the collective strengths of their teams to win!

JX Wee

Head of Sales, DataRobot APAC

Shu Yi conducted such an eye opening workshop: CliftonStrengths®. Guiding us how to leverage and uncover the strengths that we have and to elevate others shine with their strengths. Thank you!

Su Fei Ong

Regional Account Executive, DataRobot APAC

Thank you Shu Yi for running an amazing CliftonStrengths® discovery workshop from The Strengths Co., which dissected individual talents, sorting innovative exercises, matching opposing skills to reach a scenario where 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'.

Kevin Jones

Customer Success Manager, DataRobot APAC

Shu Yi's "Play to your Strengths" workshop comes highly recommended.

Shu Yi uses use cases and examples to share how we can apply our unique strengths and leverage on them, shares from her personal experiences and facilitates great cross-sharing so that we can all learn from each other as well. It's been a wonderfully refreshing experience where you'll get to meet like-minded individuals. Logistically, it was well-organised and the group size was cosy to allow for intimate and authentic sharing. Thanks Shu Yi for the awesome session!

Grace Tan

Risk Management

Glad to have jumped onto the bandwagon when I saw Shu Yi hosting the Play to your Strengths half day course based on CliftonStrengths! It was a session I enjoyed immensely with no regrets. The course was interactive and well organized where I truly got to learn more about my unique strengths and how I could use it to the betterment of myself and the people around me. Highly recommend this course if you would like to learn more about how you can tap into your Strengths in work and in life, and if you (and your team) are thinking of this year’s team bonding/ personal development activity, I encourage you to consider engaging Shu Yi to help you and your team unlock and discover each others strengths to improve work synergies and collaboration.

Janice Yue

Client Onboarding Specialist

I had the privilege to attend the Playing To Your Strengths workshop conducted by Shu Yi. Her warm and engaging demeanour made the participants feel at ease instantly amidst the cosy setting in the CBD.

As we embark on a guided journey of understanding our hidden talents, there was ample time given to reflect upon our milestones and spot our strengths. I highly encourage anyone who is looking for a safe space to gain clarity and insight into your personal and professional life to show up for this workshop. Thanks Shu Yi!

Sihan Chia

Content Writer

Shu Yi's courage in pursuing her coaching dreams first struck me at a workshop. So, when she announced her foray as a strengths coach, I knew I wanted her guidance. The session was a revelation. With my strengths report, Shu Yi unveiled a map to my full potential, uncovering hidden strengths I never paid attention to.

We explored how these strengths work together, crafting a unique approach for both work and life. Shu Yi pushed me to see the immense power these strengths held, suggesting ways to leverage them in new scenarios and conquer past roadblocks. The session left me energised and equipped – with a deeper understanding of myself and a clear roadmap to achieving greater success through my strengths.

Shu Ping Khew

Public Relations Director

Shu Yi conducted a really insightful and interactive workshop based on the Cliftons top strengths model. The 3.5 hours flew by really quickly and we even extended a little. Shu Yi made a real effort to make a welcoming and inclusive workshop setting, and was generous with insights, materials and energy. A worthy investment of half a day's time. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to understand and fully exploit their best strengths.

Huifen Zheng

Fintech Lawyer

The best thing I ever did at this point in my life is meeting Shu Yi and attending her Play To Your Strengths session. The society we live in asks us to be a specialist rather than a generalist. Instead of focusing on improving my weakenesses, I am learning to let myself shine with my unique strength instead of trying to blend in with the clouds. My uniqueness is one a kind and Shu Yi helped me find that. I cannot wait to meet the best version of me!

Ahae Jeong Holmes

Employer Branding

I recently had the privilege of attending a Strengths Coaching Session with Shu Yi, and it provided me with invaluable insights on how to effectively utilize my strengths in both my professional endeavors and personal life, and also leverage them for greater successes. Shu Yi's patience, empathy, and sharp insights were evident throughout the session as she guided me in uncovering the connections between my strengths and various aspects of my life. I highly recommend Shu Yi to anyone looking to unleash their full potential.

Tan Mei En

I attended the Play to Your Strengths Workshop facilitated by Shu Yi and I loved it. It was eye-opening for me as I learned more about my top 5 strengths and how I can integrate them into my work. I loved the conversation and sharing between the participants as they gave me different perspectives on how their strengths have been playing out for them, and how sometimes a strength could also turn into an area of weakness.

Last but not least, I want to acknowledge Shu Yi for a very well-facilitated session and her generosity in sharing her knowledge.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to understand themselves better and how they can play to their strengths to attend this workshop.

Sheryn Yeo

Transition Coach

I had the privilege of attending Shuyi’s “Play to Your Strengths” workshop and was captivated by the “Aha” moments that ignited fresh insights and perspectives. Shuyi’s approach was both enlightening and empowering, inspiring us to leverage our unique strengths for personal growth.

The workshop’s intimate setting fostered a comfortable environment for open dialogue and meaningful exchanges. While participants were mainly similar in their aspirations, each person brought new perspectives, enriching our collective understanding and learning during the session. Under Shuyi’s guidance, I was able to reflect and review goals that resonate with my natural talents, bringing clarity to both my personal and professional development journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shuyi’s “Play to Your Strengths” workshop to anyone aspiring to lead a more intentional and fulfilling life. Thank you, Shuyi, for crafting such a transformative and impactful experience!

Yi Lin Goh

Investor Relations and Communications

I recently attended Shuyi’s workshop “Play to your strengths” that left a positive impact on me. The workshop encouraged one to be confident in their unique abilities and articulate to their strengths.

One aspect of the workshop that stood out to me was the interactive nature of the sessions. Instead of passively listening to lectures, we were given opportunities to collaborate with our peers, engage in hands-on activities, and apply the concepts we were learning in real-time. This interactive approach not only enhanced the learning process but also helped me to retain the information more effectively.

The workshop provided me with valuable networking opportunities. I had the chance to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, and the discussions we had enriched my understanding of the topic and broadened my perspective. The connections I made during the workshop have already proven to be invaluable, both personally and professionally.

Overall, the workshop was a truly enriching experience that has equipped me with new skills, insights, and a renewed sense of motivation. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is keen to play to your strengths and position yourself to achieve your biggest results!

Rachael Sia

Human Resources

Shu Yi possesses a profound understanding of Gallup StrengthsFinder and its application in various contexts. Her workshops are not only informative but also highly engaging, creating an environment where participants feel encouraged to explore and leverage their strengths to achieve their goals. Through interactive exercises and personalised guidance, Shu Yi ensures that each participant gains valuable insights into their unique strengths and learns how to harness them for personal and professional growth.

What sets Shu Yi apart is her genuine passion for helping others discover their strengths and unlock their full potential. I left her workshop feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive in my future. She also demonstrates great facilitation skills, fostering open communication and fostering a supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and collaboration.

I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from peers who have participated in Shu Yi's workshops. Whether working with corporate teams, educational institutions, or community groups, Shu Yi consistently delivers outstanding results, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves.

Val Chua

UX Designer

I had the opportunity to attend Shu Yi's breakfast workshop titled 'Play to your strengths in 2024' in January, which was a highly productive social networking and group coaching event. The workshop's flow design, peer participants' interaction, outcome, and Shu Yi's excellent facilitation skills were all exceptional.

Shu Yi has a remarkable talent for getting all twelve attendees, regardless of their industry or function, to contribute to the collective workshop mode and work efficiently towards achieving the desired outcome.

The session's key takeaways for me were: [1] gaining a deeper understanding of my strengths, [2] learning how my peers perceive my strengths, and [3] identifying the types of leaders and co-workers with whom I can work most effectively to maximize productivity and drive outcomes.

I highly recommend Shu Yi to multinational corporations that prioritize empowering their leadership circle, succession planning, and fostering a culture of gender equality.

Anastasia Chen

Senior Product Management Specialist

Attended a workshop organised by Shuyi and was impressed by her friendly approach in conducting the workshop, which allowed everyone time and space to have a chance to relook into their strengths. Recommended!

Yue Hui Lim

Internal Audit, Singapore

This session allow me to learn so much more about myself and the other SEs in the team. We have incredible talents and as we leverage our strengths working together, we become so much better at what we do while enjoying it more.

Joseph Gil

Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce Singapore

Thank you so much Shu Yi for setting us all off on the right root to thrive in this new year! You are truly inspiring and transforming lives with your work with The Strengths Co.!

Ivy Wong

Assistant Director, Singapore Management University

Shu Yi's guidance and support were instrumental in helping me gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and how to apply them in more practical contexts.

From the beginning, Shu Yi created a welcoming and supportive environment where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings, and goals. Her ability to listen actively and without judgment was truly valuable. One of the things I appreciated most about Shu Yi's coaching was her focus on strengths identification and development. Through a series of exercises and conversations, Shu Yi helped me to identify my inherent strengths and recognize how I could leverage them to achieve my personal and professional aspirations. This newfound awareness of my strengths has been empowering and has helped me to approach challenges with greater confidence.

Shu Yi's coaching style is both insightful and practical. She enables others to see things from a new perspective and develop actionable strategies for achieving their goals. I recommend Shu Yi as a coach to anyone seeking support and guidance in their personal or professional development. She is a skilled and compassionate coach who genuinely cares about the well-being of her mentee. I am confident that anyone who works with Shu Yi will benefit from her expertise and experience.

Anushka Puri

MSc Student, Singapore Management University

I recently attended a workshop led by Shu Yi and I thoroughly enjoyed the learnings and sharing which could only be surfaced with a well-organised event and a well-prepared facilitator. As an experience designer, I was truly savouring the thoughtfulness put in – from the accessible event location, beautiful breakfast set-up, comfortable furniture, to a curated playlist of music during breaks and discussion. Aside from creating a wonderful environment for learning, the agenda and materials were really helpful and impactful despite the short session duration. Would highly recommend! 👍

Elena Cheong

User Experience Lead, Handshakes by DC

Shu Yi brings a wealth of experience to the table, both professionally and personally, making her insights truly valuable and relatable. As a mentor, she excels in guiding and explaining concepts with clarity, making complex ideas accessible. Her experience as a career coach also came into play - she was adept at helping me identify my strengths, comprehend them thoroughly, and empowering me with the knowledge of how to effectively apply them in various aspects of my professional journey. Her dedication to mentorship and coaching has been instrumental in my personal and career development, and I highly recommend Shu Yi as a strengths coach!

Brandon Hong

Computer Science Undergraduate, Singapore Management University

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Shu Yi which focused on leveraging our innate strengths to create meaningful impact through our work. Shu Yi uses a data-driven methodology that genuinely facilitates professional & personal breakthroughs and fosters sustainable growth. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to unlock their full potential.

Clara Chong

Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services Singapore

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